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Dr. Peter Greco’s Monthly Contribution to the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJO-DO):


Among Dr. Greco’s other commitments to the orthodontic community including his faculty positions at University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson and Einstein Hospitals, he contributes monthly to a national orthodontic research publication. His monthly column explores ethical dilemmas with which healthcare providers are often faced. 


His most recent article is entitled “Professional Professionalism” and an excerpt is included below. 


“The “root” of professionalism is the profession itself. 1 We select those that will succeed us by accepting individuals we believe are worthy of doing so. Our dental boards are appointed by us, and we are entrusted by society to determine if our graduates are sufficiently competent to treat the vulnerable public. We abide by our own ethical code. We seek to continually enrich the knowledge that defines our specialty through our choice of continuing education. However, along with these luxuries come obligations. The commitment to those behaviors that distinguish us as professionals such as reliability, dependability, and the desire to follow through with commitments are among them, but do these traits that define professionalism really matter?”


To read more, please click the link below:


To see the full list of his monthly ethics articles: 

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