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Post by: / January 27, 2019

Do the right thing

“One advantage we have as orthodontists is that reparation can often be readily provided. Given the number of patients we see each day and the high level of delegation inherent in an orthodontic practice, errors can and do occur. Despite such delegation, we are responsible for not only our own but also our staff’s actions in care delivery. If clinical misadventures do occur, it is incumbent upon us to provide reparation before it is solicited by the patient. The patient must be promptly and accurately informed of the misadventure. Remediation of the problem should be arranged without expense to the patient. Although the purpose of professional liability insurance is to provide the patient financial reparation in the event of a therapeutic misadventure, a patient’s trust in us can be lost forever if we are not voluntarily forthright when reparation is indicated.
….Remember, always do the right thing—even when no one is looking.”

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